Saturday, October 18, 2008

Quarter Life Discoveries

.....I lived the first part of my twenties trying my hardest to hold onto the past. I spent too much time thinking that "the good old days" held some kind of secret to a lost happiness and youthful carelessness. I thought if I could just go back or even recreate it for one day, all things in the world would feel perfect. I sit here now at 25, not claiming to know it all, but claiming to know one thing. Happiness is being perfectly content in any and all circumstances and appreciating the now, no matter what that may look like. I will move forward, but not too fast. There is something so liberating about soaking in each season and not grasping so hard to what lies behind me, or giving all my energy into rushing to the next. I will give the best of me to right now.

.....Good friends are the people who see the very worst side in you, yet still love you because they know your heart is good. You don't ever have to worry what they really think of you, what they say when you aren't there, or even what they think about your outfit. Your friendship with them is way past what is on the outside. You can say what you feel and disagree about the really big stuff. They don't feel judged, nor do they judge you. These are the friends who skip the small talk. Those are the best kinds of friends and they are very rare finds in this world.

.....Love is not about creating romantic moments that you might see in a script. Love is not found in something that has a price tag. Love is about living day-to-day life with someone and taking the time to look up and see them giving of themselves just for you. It is being totally blown away by the person you see beside you and allowing yourself to be humbled by their sacrifice. Real love holds moments you could never create with any amount of money or planning. Love is found in the everyday...You may just have to stop for moment to make sure you recognize it.

.....The best is yet to come.


Dr. Erin and Mr. Heath said...

Such a good post! This gave me warm fuzzies! I could not agree more, but definitely could not have written it so well. You're a wise one, little. Love you to pieces.

KrissyBo. said...

I can truly relate to "holding onto the past," especially with Jake! I do miss the good ol days with friends, but I really tend to hold onto the good ol days with him and my hubby even more! I'm always reminding myself to live in the moment! Great post! :)

coco le'shea said...

beka, you are such an inspiration to me. you have this wonderful ability to see the truth in situations and in people. i am so blessed to know you, i love you dear friend!