Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I am a mom....I use coupons

I am now the annoying person in line at your local grocery store who pulls out her coupon organizer and one by one puts all her coupons on the counter. I then double check my pink organizer just to be sure I didn't forget to give the cashier one of the prized possesions, I so carefully clipped. I leave the store feeling gueniuely satisfied with my savings, almost as if I know a secret that no one else knows. I again feel proud when I get home and put all those groceries where they belong thinking to myself...I saved myself $0.60 on this, and $1.00 on that....

This is coming from a girl who one year ago to date rarely even cooked a meal, much less used coupons. I thought coupons were dumb. I thought coupons were a waste of my precious time. Now, sitting down on the search for coupons gives me a thrill like a kid searching for eggs on Easter. I feel I have found the golden egg when I spot a coupon for something I really love!

I am new a woman ladies and gentleman. I am a mom now, and I use coupons.

And if you see me pull out my pink coupon organizer at your local grocery store...I won't be offended if you choose another line. :)


Team Long said...

HAHA Beka this post cracks me up!

The Bo. Family said...

Being a momma and using coupons to save money to spend on your just doesn't get much better than that! :)