Sunday, August 24, 2008

Four Months of Being Your Mommy

Sweet girl,

Each month of being your mommy has been better than the last and this one, so far, has been my favorite. You are so big and you are doing so much, all things I couldn't even imagine just a few months ago.

You are talking non-stop and I love it! You already have an opinion on pretty much everything and you let us know. We have the sweetest conversations all throughout the day. You talk in your baby talk to mommy and daddy as if you know exactly what we are saying to you. I love how you need me and how you know right when it is time for me to get home from work. (You let daddy know if I am late!) You grab for everything (especially your pink poodle) and smile at almost anyone. Your laugh is so sweet and we are starting to hear it more and more. You are amazing.

Grace, you have made us better. You, sweet girl, were one of my earliest childhood dreams when I would rock my babydolls to sleep, pretending to be a mama. I never knew it would be this good actually rocking you, being your mama. God blessed us beyond compare with you. I will try my best to be gentle with your heart as you grow into the woman that God has created you to be.

I love, love, love you!!

P.S. Daddy says he loves you and he can't wait to hear you sing. Also, he said be sure to cut your fingernails regulary because they hurt when you scratch him. :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Make Over and Working 9-5, Just trying to make a Livin'...

***The lesson of this blog...When I don't post for awhile you get a lot of random information at once. Enjoy!

We got a makeover and don't we look pretty! My sweet friend Jamie (I would link her, but I don't know how) changed her background and then she told me what I should do in order to change mine. Now this daunting task scared me a little, because I am not the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to any type of modern technology, but I did it! YEAH! I love our bling-bling background! Also, we are getting Gracie's 3 month pics taken this Friday by my other sweet friend and photographer and I will post them soon.

You may also be wondering why I haven't posted in awhile. I am back at work. (Hence the Dolly Parton reference in the title, love her. I once told Chris if I could hear any voice for the rest of my life it would be hers. Don't judge.) I am not teaching anymore though. God has me in a new and awesome season right now and I am working at our church. I know it is a perfect fit for me as a new mommy. I have the greatest team and the job is such a testament to God giving us the desires of our heart. I love his continued faithfulness in our lives.

For now I will say bye-bye to a classroom full of kids and hello to an office I share with, at times, six people. I love it! I am sure you will be hearing more about my fun and crazy team soon.

Also, one more side note in the most random and information-filled post ever, Gracie rolled over Sunday!!! She is so strong and we are so proud of her! We are also getting a new camera this week that takes video, so soon I will post some videos of her showing off her new gymnastic skills. By the way, I thought it was totally cool that she performed her first gymnastic skill on the first night of the Olympic Women's Gymnastics competition. Coincidence? I think not...Olympics 2024, here we come!