Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pretty Pretty Pumpkin

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Half Birthday


Six months is not really that long at all. Really, it is very short. I am amazed at how much you have added to our lives in such short amount of time. You have taught me a whole new meaning of love, patience, and happiness. Each day that we are your mommy and daddy we find new things to love about you.

I have learned a lot about you in the last 6 months. I will share some of my favorites to celebrate how much you have grown and changed since the first day we brought you home.

1. You make the cutest faces now. One of our favorites is when you scrunch your nose up and breath in and out really fast. You almost sound like a little puppy and we always laugh. I think you've discovered that you can make a lot of funny noises and you like to show them off.
2. You are so close to crawling. You are trying so hard to scoot your little bottom along by pushing your feet down into the floor. You are almost there and we are so proud of how strong you are. You don't let not crawling stop you though because if you want to get somewhere, you just roll all the way there.
3. You say "ma" and "ama", but not "mama". Don't worry though, bug, I know what you mean:)
4. You love your tea party excersaucer. You play so intently when you are in it as if you have a very important task in front of you. You get the most serious look on your face as you discover what you can do with each of the toys on top.
5. You are on the best sleeping schedule ever! You sleep from 8 to 8 every night!! We could not have asked for a better baby!
6. You think your daddy is the funniest person in the world. He can make you laugh like no one else can. Your eyes completely light up every time you see him. You save your wild and playful side for him and your sweet and gentle side for me.

Six things for a sweet six month old baby! I am so happy that God picked me to be your mommy.

I love you so much,

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Quarter Life Discoveries

.....I lived the first part of my twenties trying my hardest to hold onto the past. I spent too much time thinking that "the good old days" held some kind of secret to a lost happiness and youthful carelessness. I thought if I could just go back or even recreate it for one day, all things in the world would feel perfect. I sit here now at 25, not claiming to know it all, but claiming to know one thing. Happiness is being perfectly content in any and all circumstances and appreciating the now, no matter what that may look like. I will move forward, but not too fast. There is something so liberating about soaking in each season and not grasping so hard to what lies behind me, or giving all my energy into rushing to the next. I will give the best of me to right now.

.....Good friends are the people who see the very worst side in you, yet still love you because they know your heart is good. You don't ever have to worry what they really think of you, what they say when you aren't there, or even what they think about your outfit. Your friendship with them is way past what is on the outside. You can say what you feel and disagree about the really big stuff. They don't feel judged, nor do they judge you. These are the friends who skip the small talk. Those are the best kinds of friends and they are very rare finds in this world.

.....Love is not about creating romantic moments that you might see in a script. Love is not found in something that has a price tag. Love is about living day-to-day life with someone and taking the time to look up and see them giving of themselves just for you. It is being totally blown away by the person you see beside you and allowing yourself to be humbled by their sacrifice. Real love holds moments you could never create with any amount of money or planning. Love is found in the everyday...You may just have to stop for moment to make sure you recognize it.

.....The best is yet to come.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


**This is a long overdue post that I have been so desperately wanting to share since the day it happened, but this is the first chance I have had to write about it. It was one of the most amazing days of my life.

My pastor had a vision. One where hundreds of people would make a step out in faith that would forever change the course of their lives. One where they might accept Jesus for the first time, or one where they would publicly proclaim their desire to have a deeper relationship with their savior. This vision consisted of swimming pools, lines of people, and buying everything someone would need in the chance that we might have someone be spontaneously baptized. We worked for weeks preparing and mapping out everything down to the last detail.

We were nervous, but through the risk of looking crazy or thought of no one stepping out, we could still somehow feel that God was about to move in a big way. The day before people on staff sent out emails asking and challenging us with the question, "What if only one is baptized? Will it be worth it?" We had to think that it was. Even if one life was changed forever, it was. We had to trust God that the heavens would open up in our little corner of the world on that day, October 5, 2008. Today was their day.

The morning came and no words can describe the presence of God in our buildings. He was there. When my pastor spoke people listened. One by one people took a step of faith and I was blown away. I saw things that day that I never imagined. I saw lines that reminded me of something I would see at an amusement park weaving through our building and all the way out into the parking lot. I saw dads give up their selfish pride that they have been clinging to for so long and being risen up from the water into a new life. I saw families and spouses being baptized together. I saw tears of relief on their sweet faces after all these years in bondage. 500. That was the number of people who chose God that day. 500.

There are so many stories. You will just be awestruck reading them and there is no holding back the tears. You can read a lot of them here, in the comments of the whole last week of posts on my pastor's blog. And here on my boss' blog, and our children's pastor at CT, about baptizing her own two sweet kiddos. There are so many, too, that will never be known. So many stories that will never be told, but generations from now lives will be changed because one day God showed up in a big way to bring new life to His people and their families.

And if that wasn't enough...the next weekend 54 people decided that was their day to take that step in faith and each of them were baptized and given new life. I am just blown away. I am so blessed to be at a church where my pastor takes risks and listens to the voice of God, even with all the fears that may come alongside it.

I am still praying hard for those still living in the day to day muck. You, who feel stuck in a pit of despair and have yet to make that step to give up control and fully trust Him with all your hopes and fears...with every little detail of your life. Today can be your day.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Check out one of my sweet friend's blog. She is amazing. She took Gracie's 3 month pics and I just love them!! Here is a sneek peak at some of them. Kristen is so talented and my sweet Gracie looks beautiful.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Moments with you...

The sun is setting just above us. Sounds of children playing and passing cars swirl through the evening breeze. You and I lay on our bright pink blanket covering the earth below us. I watch as you gaze intently in wonder at the nature all around us. Your delicate hands grab aimlessly as you attempt to catch the grass, while examining the texture of the blades between your fingers. Sunlight and curiosity glimmer in your blue eyes. You are mesmerized by the world around you.

I listen as you babble in excitement and I think to myself, "Life was made for these moments." Moments where everyday life is but a faint memory. Moments when all I see is you and not the heartbreak of yesterday or the worry of tomorrow. Moments where childhood dreams are remembered and the blessings of today are realized. My heart is still in these moments with you.

I pray over your little heart, so fragile and new, for when everyday life may one day feel like too much. Or for when friends let you down and you find yourself disappointed. For when you have so many dreams and no clue what to do with them all. Or when faith seems so small and waiting patiently on God's timing seems like a nearly impossible task.

I pray then that these moments with me are tucked away somewhere in your grown-up heart. I hope you remember my smile and your own childhood dreams. I pray you remember our moments. May they leave an imprint of never ending love and stillness on your heart...forever.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I am a mom....I use coupons

I am now the annoying person in line at your local grocery store who pulls out her coupon organizer and one by one puts all her coupons on the counter. I then double check my pink organizer just to be sure I didn't forget to give the cashier one of the prized possesions, I so carefully clipped. I leave the store feeling gueniuely satisfied with my savings, almost as if I know a secret that no one else knows. I again feel proud when I get home and put all those groceries where they belong thinking to myself...I saved myself $0.60 on this, and $1.00 on that....

This is coming from a girl who one year ago to date rarely even cooked a meal, much less used coupons. I thought coupons were dumb. I thought coupons were a waste of my precious time. Now, sitting down on the search for coupons gives me a thrill like a kid searching for eggs on Easter. I feel I have found the golden egg when I spot a coupon for something I really love!

I am new a woman ladies and gentleman. I am a mom now, and I use coupons.

And if you see me pull out my pink coupon organizer at your local grocery store...I won't be offended if you choose another line. :)