Sunday, October 5, 2008

Moments with you...

The sun is setting just above us. Sounds of children playing and passing cars swirl through the evening breeze. You and I lay on our bright pink blanket covering the earth below us. I watch as you gaze intently in wonder at the nature all around us. Your delicate hands grab aimlessly as you attempt to catch the grass, while examining the texture of the blades between your fingers. Sunlight and curiosity glimmer in your blue eyes. You are mesmerized by the world around you.

I listen as you babble in excitement and I think to myself, "Life was made for these moments." Moments where everyday life is but a faint memory. Moments when all I see is you and not the heartbreak of yesterday or the worry of tomorrow. Moments where childhood dreams are remembered and the blessings of today are realized. My heart is still in these moments with you.

I pray over your little heart, so fragile and new, for when everyday life may one day feel like too much. Or for when friends let you down and you find yourself disappointed. For when you have so many dreams and no clue what to do with them all. Or when faith seems so small and waiting patiently on God's timing seems like a nearly impossible task.

I pray then that these moments with me are tucked away somewhere in your grown-up heart. I hope you remember my smile and your own childhood dreams. I pray you remember our moments. May they leave an imprint of never ending love and stillness on your heart...forever.


Runningmama said...

Beautiful. I am so glad you are writing these for Gracie.

Jamie Mullins said...

WOW!! So amazing Beka!! I love you so much friend...thanks for letting us get a peek inside your big heart for your sweet baby girl! :)