Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Good Friends and Hotdogs

We had a picnic on Sunday and grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. The weather was amazing and Gracie was a model baby. She graciously let everyone hold her and she loves to be outside...it is one of her favorite things. The best thing about the day was wonderful people. All the people we love who we always tell, "We have to hang out." We are more than blessed to be surrounded with people who love us and who have been there through all the stages of our life as "The Bullards" A quote from Toby Benso about the day, "Can we recreate this exact day on my birthday?"


Andrea G L said...

that was a perfect day, i agree. and i'm so glad we were able to spend that time with you :)

Rachel said...

that was a really great afternoon. thanks for calling us!