Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Life is Good

So after three weeks off from work, one really nasty dog bite to my sweet girl, and both Mommy and Daddy being sick in the mix...we are finally getting back in our normal groove around here. And Gracie, well she is like practically a teenager. She is cracking us up with her dazzling personality and silly little sense of humor.

Here is some of the latest news from the Gracie world:

* She started walking on July 6th, 2009. She has been VERY close to walking for awhile now and just hadn't worked up the courage to do it yet. I had been working with her everyday hoping she would make her big debut while I was home with her during the day. Guess what, she did!! Would you like to know what made her walk?? She had a fun pink keyboard in her closet that I hadn't gotten out for her yet, and when I did that was plenty of motivation for that little music lover to just walk on over to check it out. I was so proud of her.

* She is obsessed with animals, especially dogs. You can ask, "Gracie, what does a dog say?" She immediately responds, "Woo Woo". Needless to say, when she got bit by a not so child-friendly dog a couple of weeks ago, we thought it might deter her fascination. Nope. She is still obsessed.

* Some of her current favorites things are: twisty, bright straws for her drinks; turning anything into a necklace (she uses her imagination to go as far as grabbing a phone charger out of the wall); her alphabet magnets; going to the park and swinging; watching her favorite show, "Between the Lions"; being chased; crayons; swimming; and singing, "La, La, La, La." Some of her favorites words are; "Da-do, Bye-Bye, Hello, Wow!, Mama, Gigi, her version of Yee-haw" (which is pronounced woo-haa) and asking "What's that?" about everything. At 14 months, she is teaching me more about life than I could ever teach her.


Jenn said...

She's growing up so fast! She's precious!!