Friday, July 24, 2009


Loving...I learned this from my Nannie. She loves unconditionally without a single request in return. Her voice drips of love when she speaks, never a harsh word thrown in your direction. She greets you with a hug and when her soft hands pat you so gently you instantly feel at ease. She loves purely, and I hope someday people say that about me.

Serving...I learned this from my Dale. He is an expert at this. From taking me bowling and letting me jam out to Ace of Base in his car as a little girl; to two hour math tutoring sessions every single night when I was in high school; to driving hours in the snow when I was in college just to bring me home for my first birthday away from home. He served us completely, with no ulterior motive, just to show us his love. He serves completely, and I hope one day people can say that about me.

Sacrifice...I learned this from my Mom. She never puts herself first. She meets the needs of others and runs to the rescue with no excuses. Growing up we had everything, while she often went without. When she hears of a need about someone she may not even really know; she gives her time, money and talents in an attempt to give them just a moments relief. Her actions speak louder than words. She sacrifices selflessly, and I hope someday people can say that about me.

What is your legacy?