Saturday, May 9, 2009

I miss my friends

*** Disclaimer: If you think sororities are dumb, or if you have ever thought of us as people who pay for our friends, just go on ahead and click on another link. I won't be mad. If you are anyone else, allow me to explain.

This weekend I have been feeling very sorry for myself nostalgic.

I miss my friends. By friends I mean the ones who lived with me in Small Town, Oklahoma in a dorm hall with a red door and an owl painted on the sidewalk. The girls who I shared everything with, including the two Greek letters on the front of all of my t-shirts.

Last night, I made the mistake of looking at my college website (who does that anyway) and then from there I curiously navigated to the home page of the Phi Theta chapter of Chi Omega. I began to glance through dozen of pictures. Pictures from rush, formals, date parties, football games, Homecoming, etc. As I clicked away, my heart ached a little bit. It seemed as if something was missing in each picture I saw. The events and the backgrounds were all the same, but the faces were all different. New girls had taken the places of where my best friends and I once stood with the same smiling faces. It just hit me like a ton of bricks, I miss them.

I miss:
-living on the same floor with all of my best friends
-having about 20 closets from which to choose my daily wardrobe
-driving around town with our 55 cent Diet Dr. Peppers from Docs with the music blaring
-Dance parties in our dorm rooms
-The second floor :)
-Walking to class and meeting at the fountain
-$3 movie nights
-Darla the ghost
-Chi Omega family craziness
-Wintersmith Park
-twin beds that could be moved into a million different arrangements
-Homecoming floats
-The Cafo
-Chi Omega Choo Choo
-Daylight at Midnight
-Must I go on???

My favorite memories are from the everyday. Those were the good old days, and I didn't even know it. I am who I am today because of the time I spent with them.

X and a horseshoe, Chi-O.


The Longs said...

Oh Beka, I know how you feel!! Those were such wonderful days....ones that will NEVER be forgotten and ones that made us all who we are today! Thinking about it always makes me smile!
Chi-O's rule!!! :-)

Jenn said...

I heart Chi O! You could always think about advising. It's an incredible amount of fun! I love my girls at Wingate. Whenever I sit in chapter mtgs, I always try and pick out the Johnna Comptons, Katie Hoppers, Kerry Tuckers...everyone! It melts my heart to see these girls love it the way I do! And, I heart you!

Dr. Erin and Mr. Heath said...

This brought tears to my eyes. I miss it too. I am so thankful for the friends and memories from those 4 years. So much laughter, so many lessons and too much fun! I miss you girlie! Love you to pieces!
ChiO love and mine,

kim henning said...

I don't miss Darla. Remember you called and were scared to death, crying; and we were 2 hours away and could do nothing -- except the best thing for countless situations in your life - to tell you to fix your trust in Jesus to protect you. Remember Gamps called and talked to you about the blood of Jesus. You are a blessing and I love you!

Runningmama said...

OK now I want to go back to college. Sometimes I have college dreams where I try to do something fun and spontaneous like I used to, but I can't because I know I have two kids to care for. Its really frustrating.

Maybe you will make some friends for where you are now in life that become as special as the Chi Omegas. Love you girl!

♥charity said...

AWWW!!! Our letters may have been different and we walked through different doors daily and though we may have had that ZTA/Chi-O LOVE/HATE/LOVE relationship going on and the girls in the pictures are different isn't it amazing how much our memories (ZTA/Chi-O) mirror each others...I LOVE that time in my life and am GRATEFUL for the memories and BLESSED to have those wonderful ladies as sisters/friends and as the years go by, even though distance and time seperate us our bonds grow stronger and I can tell from your pics and this post that yours have too!!!! It makes me happy to be able to share this with not only my sisters but with you ladies who lived just next door and right up the hill and you are a part of many of my college memories too!!!!

Jennifer Ferguson said...

It must be somehting in the water.
I just recently came out of a season really, really missing my college friends!
Love everything God has given me in my life, but sure am thankful for what I learned at TECH!!

Team Long said...

Well apparently I am still a little emotional from giving birth. HA But even though I wasn't there but a year and a half with ya'll this still brought a few tears and some laughs as I read it. Thanks for helping me remember some really fun and not so fun times LOL! I look at the little girls in my first grade class each year and wonder if any of them will be little Chi-O's someday.

coco le'shea said...

Holy cow, I had forgotten about so many of those things and they are the best memories ever! I miss it too. Love you girlie! Thank you for posting this and reminding me of all the fun times that we all shared those four years!

Mrs. Faye Middleton said...

I love it! (and your blog).
I just remember what good care you "older girls" took of us babies. Great memories. Faye