Thursday, April 23, 2009


Your little life has been fleeting, but you've made more of an impact than most ever will in just a short year. The past year has been a peek inside a story so much bigger than me. A story that is being written in spite of myself. Your tiny little existence has influenced a change in a well-laden path for all generations who will come after you. And to think, you began this change even before you took your first breath.

A new life meant that we were no longer the main characters in our self absorbed stories. You gave us a reason to fight, a reason to be better. When you were growing inside of me we learned a whole new way to love. We decided that reverting back to our old, broken ways of doing things was no longer who we would choose to be anymore. No more defaults, only deliberate choices laid ahead for us. Your existence has been the catalyst in a new chapter being written in our lives. One where rebuilding ancient ruins has been accomplished; and your little life, my sweet daughter, was the first stone laid on the path towards restoration.

With each passing day I get to wake up and see you here, I see the true power of an all-knowing God. A God who extends love to the broken and grace to the undeserving.

Happy Birthday Grace Ann Bullard. One year of you is way more than I deserve.


Runningmama said...

I am jealous of Gracie's wardrobe.

You are one lucky mom. She is just beautiful.