Thursday, July 17, 2008

it's been awhile...

I have a lot of blank boxes this month on the baby calendar I keep of Gracie's first year. On it I carefully note all of her "firsts", her favorite things, and whatever else I think merits going down as a memory. Needless to say not much has happened lately in terms of baby milestones around our house. That is also another reason why I have not posted in a while, thinking without a major milestone, I have nothing worthy of writing for the blogging public.

However, I remembered today while rocking her I was wrong. There are so many things she has been doing that are very much worth writing about, even though there may not be a pre-made sticker that came with the calendar of each of these unique moments, such as "first smile" or "first doctor's visit." I thought I would share our moments with you, as small as they may be, they are what I get excited about.

The other night while sitting in the rocking chair rocking her to sleep, I pressed my cheek to hers and thought "I will love you forever". Immediately after the thought entered my mind, she grabbed around my neck and squeezed as hard as she could. Mind-Reader? I think so.

She has been trying so hard to talk. Each time we talk to her she moves her mouth to copy our words and then her eyes light up like she has done something worth being proud. Then yesterday, while sitting with her daddy, I heard him yell, "Baby, she is talking. She just said 'moo' twice." I laughed and said, "Wow, that is really cool." But secretly, I don't really think that would count as a word though unless she were a baby calf.

There are so many more little things that she does like moving positions from where I lay in her crib, grabbing onto her favorite toys and smiling, sleeping a full 8 hours through the night, and discovering her feet and almost laughing at them. These are the things that probably don't mean anything to anyone else, but make my day complete. My heart is full, even if her calendar doesn't show it.


Sarah Markley said...

Hi! Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog! Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous and I love your blog. =) You seem to have a very sweet message. =)

Sister-man said...

Hey, cous! I want to hear more stories like these. -emily

Runningmama said...

You are a true mom. Do yourself a favor and toss the baby calendar in the trash. Nothing got in the way of enjoying my kids more than that guilt-wrenching documentation of milestones. When did they walk? When did they cut a tooth? When did they say their first word? Who cares! Logging it all down only made me compare my child to everyone else's and then (WORSE) to his younger brother.

I LOVE this post. This is the kind of stuff that you will treasure when Gracie is grown, because it came from your soul. You have a pure mother's heart -- what a delight and special gift to your daughter.

Love you sweet friend!