Wednesday, July 23, 2008

3 months already!!

Pink Lady

Look at those baby blues!!

Mommy and Gracie

A half smile...she was so tired!!

Being silly in the of her favorites


I feel like I blinked and this last month was gone!! You have been so much fun lately!! You make Daddy and Mommy laugh so hard everyday. Your faces and sounds that you make now are the cutest thing ever. You have found a new love...ceiling fans! Your favorite thing to do now is to lay on the couch, listen to daddy play guitar, and watch the ceiling fan go. You just smile at it, kick your legs, and talk to it with all that you've got! You are so close to rolling over. You get about halfway there all by yourself. Any day now and we will be chasing everywhere! You have your stash of toys in the living room corner and you have already decided which ones are your favorite. You are definitely a little girl who knows what she wants. I love that about you! We fall in love with you more everyday.

Love you forever,


Runningmama said...

I love her bows. What a princess!!

Anonymous said...

Gracie is truly beautiful! Your stories to her and about her are so endearing. I am very happy for your family!