Monday, June 16, 2008

The Family

Gracie in her swing being cute.

Aunt Candice and Mommy

Uncle Taylor and Mommy

At first there were two.

Sleepy Gracie after a busy weekend and Mommy.

Here are some new pictures that we have taken of our little family. We had a great Father's Day weekend. Chris had a show on the lake on Saturday night and Uncle Collin and Aunt Candice came to watch. While Mommy and Daddy were doing that, Gracie went with her Gigi and Poppa Dale to her first rodeo. Then, on Sunday we had Father's day dinner and Gracie gave her daddy two new pairs of flip flops and a new iPhone for being such a great daddy!


Jamie Mullins said...

LOVE the hair girl!! HOT MAMA!!

Dr. Erin and Mr. Heath said...

Dang, Gracie gives good gifts....Chris is a lucky daddy!
Miss you and love you!

coco le'shea said...

beka you are just glowing! you look beautiful...and of course so does my beautiful little niece as well :)